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Clem & Evelyn Audin Fund

Clem & Evelyn Audin Fund Committee Purpose:  Ensure that funds are available for the youth of Colorado for education, health, development, and care of children 18 years and younger.


Clem Audin, Jr. was a dedicated Elk prominent throughout Colorado Elkdom.  He was a member of Hotchkiss Lodge No. 1807 and died August 3, 1973 in a tragic accident at the Hawk's Nest Coal Mine at Somerset, Colorado.

At the time of his death, Clem was serving the State Association as First Vice-President and was due to be installed as President within 30 days.  He was a Past Exalted Ruler of Hotchkiss Lodge, Past District Deputy for Colorado West and served as a Ritualistic Judge.  In addition, he was a Past State Chairman for Youth Activities and the Elks National Foundation Committees, and a Ritual Word Accuracy Judge at the national contest in 1968.  Clem and his wife, Evelyn, were widely known throughout Colorado for their involvement in Elks' programs.


On December 18, 1975, Evelyn E. Audin created a $100,000 trust fund through the Denver Foundation with the First National Bank of Denver as the trustee.  As specified in the trust agreement, half of the net interest income from this trust would be given to Hotchkiss Lodge, Clem's Lodge.  The other half of the interest income would be given to the Colorado Elks Association, for the benefit of the young people in Colorado.  The condition of the trust agreement is that fund distributed annually would be used exclusively for the charitable purpose of serving young people in their education, health, development, and care.


An additional Memorial Fund was started in December 1976 with a contribution of $1,000 from the Montrose Lodge No. 1053.  Through donations from other Lodges and individuals, this fund has increased to more than $470,000 at the end of 2008.  Donors do not have to be Elk members and contributions are tax deductible and always welcome.  Contact your local Elks Lodge to participate in this worthy cause.  ONLY THE INTEREST INCOME FROM THIS FUND CAN BE USED for the education, health, development and care of young people.


A committee is appointed each year by the President of the Colorado Elks Association, to oversee the day to day administration of the Policies and Guidelines of the program, and to handle the allocation of funds for Youth, 18 years of age or younger.



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