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Veterans Leather Program

Veterans Leather Program Committee Purpose:  This committee will coordinate the collection of big game hides during hunting season, and assist in getting these hides to a collection area for the GL Veterans Service Commission to pick up for processing and later distribution to our hospitalized veterans for their leather programs.

The Elks National Veterans Service Commission is the major source of hides and tanned leather used for recreational and occupational therapy throughout the Veterans Administration health care system.  Elks Leather has become a national by-word among veteran patients everywhere.

Time between visits from friends and families can make hospitalization a drudgery for our veterans.  Leather provides a form of relief by keeping minds active as well as providing exercise for injured and unused muscles.  Veterans often enter wallets, clothing, belts and moccasins in Arts and Crafts shows sponsored by the Elks.

Recently, a program was initiated by Elks whereby tanned leather is cut and sewn into specially designed gloves which are furnished to veterans confined to wheelchairs, thereby protecting their hands during movement.

We need help with the hides program in the South District, Central Southeast District (Colorado Springs area) and in the West District (Durango, Delta, Montrose areas).  Colorado Springs has gone from over 100 hides per year to none last year.  In the Delta, Montrose areas we are in need of someone that will salt and fold the hides so they do not spoil before we are able to move them to the east slope.

Do you know of anyone that will help us promote and collect the hides.  We need to provide gloves for our wheelchair bound veterans.  Please help us to find people to help us in these areas so we can regain the growth we were showing with the hides program in the past.